These all courses comes under WEB containing different contents with different purposes. Below there are list and small description of all the contents covered under these courses one by one.

Web Designing course

Designing your web, how is the look and feel of websites, designing different themes with different layouts, Designing Banners, Designing Advertisements, Working on buttons or In all working on web designs covers in this course with two specialization software.

Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe Illustrator software works on shapes and Illustrations, All web is contains different shapes and it is the fastest software to design any kind of web layout in a very creative manner. Its different tools helps designer to design all kinds of vectors in seconds.

 Adobe Photoshop 

Raster software for making banners, collages, creating backgrounds, Image cutting, Image manipulation, generating special effects are all done with the help of this very advance software.


Basic code for developing any kind of website. Its latest version HTML 5 is with all new tags and attributes and much advance. Works on Audio, Video, Geo-locations, SVG’s, Canvas, Animations, creates everything with codes. It is fast and easy to learn if learned in any professional Institute.


Cascading style sheet advance course with its all tips and tricks make it more advance. Learning its latest version CSS3 is fun. Creates styles for every tag and elements to make it look differently. Best codes to make look and working of your website different.

Java script with J-query 

Giving interactive effects, Mouse effects, creating spry, menus, Tabs structure, Sliders, photo gallery or can say all types of effects and animation you see in website are creating with these advance codes of Java script and J-query.


Server side language works on managing your database, Creating database, Inserting, updating and deleting records. Once you understand all the queries and codes of this language you become expert in handling any complex database, tables and fields. Scope and demand in industry is increasing day by day. Developing social media websites, Product galleries or shopping cart is all done by PHP.


All three are Content management software and anybody can covers it in 20 hours of time. Helps to manage database and PHP codes in easy manner. Works more advance and is also demanded by the companies. In these PHP code becomes easy and one can work fast on database. Managing themes, users, settings all is done with a click of mouse. Millions of plugins make these software more option able.

Eligibility:- 10th or 12th

Duration:- 1 Year